Motivational Speaking - Topics

  • Sales
  • Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Self Motivation


Selling for Fun... and Profit
It's back to basics that we tend to forget. Frank touches on all the bases needed to be a great salesperson. Entertaining, laced with many individual experiences and practical tips.

Lead... or Bleed
In today's competitive market, organisations need managers and leaders. Frank tells of the differences and what is needed for individuals to develop these skills simultaneously.

Don't be ordinary... be exceptional
When we're born, we are all given a magic wand. Some make dreams come true and others don't even bother to look at the wand. Listen to the secrets of goal setting and personal development and stories of individuals who have reached great heights.

Dare to win
How do you build a great sales team? Listen to a 21-point plan that includes recruitment, attracting the right people, the office environment, managing, training and maintaining a great sales force with an exceptional team spirit.

Walking with Tigers
Research done with over 500 of the world's top sales people have resulted in this talk. Frank shares the secrets of success of these top producers as well as a 21 point plan to be more effective.

Speeches with Frank McLintock

A Passion for Winning
A double act with the two Franks will leave the audience inspired and motivated. Business and sport combine when Frank McLintock relives the experiences that built the first Arsenal football team to win the double in the last century. Frank Furness relates these winning traits to the business world and how the same attitudes and passions work in sport and business.

After Dinner Speeches

Confessions of a...
Frank recalls personal and professional stories that guarantee to keep the audience entertained. Humorous and lively, an excellent ending to a good evening