What They are Saying

It was pitched perfectly & the feedback from both the audience & senior management was excellent. It certainly fired up the troops and they have gone back to their 'dens' with more focus, imagination and ambition
Becky Graveney, Sales & Marketing Director, Initial Style Hotel & Conference Group

Your very accessible style made the information you shared with our team intelligible and easy to assimilate, and we still talk about the incredibly 'simple' approach you adopt to what is often considered the complicated process of doing business. Not without the elements of fun, your presentation was well targeted and well received, and we thank you for your insight and for presenting your ideas in a way that each delegate believed that they could take back with them, and move towards personal and professional growth and success
Jonathan Gerber, Managing Director, American Express & Seekers Travel South Africa

You provided the group with a wealth of ideas, techniques and practices to achieve greatly improved sales. The group greatly enjoyed the humour that threaded its way throughout your presentation without allowing this to turn the morning solely into entertainment. The focus on attitude and attributes of sales people, both in recruitment and ongoing performance was ideal for our group
Keith Millard, Chairman, The Executive Council

Everyone was appreciative & enthusiastic of your presentation. There has been a great deal of genuine learning and motivation. Your presentation made everyone feel involved, and one of my team remarked that, although you were presenting to a large audience, he felt that you were actually teaching him and communicating with him individually
Karan F Bilimoria, Chief Executive, Cobra Beer

More people have commented on how much they enjoyed and learned from your session than we have had from any other speaker
Ken Gaylard, Managing Director, Hoseasons Holidays

"After many years in the sales industry, it has been highly refreshing to find a professional who can rekindle the fire in our sales force. Frank's professionalism and knowledge of sales in my opinion, cannot be equalled and since his motivational talk, there has been a dramatic increase in our sales figures."
Stuart Thomson, MD of PIC, Dubai

"I thought that your talk at our Management Conference at Twickenham Stadium was absolutely tremendous."
Jeff Travis, Chief Executive, Life Insurance Association, UK

"What an excellent presentation. It was unanimously claimed as the best session any of the team had experienced. Everybody is charged up and my only challenge is to ensure that we carry through the great ideas you provided."
Alistair Altham, Group Marketing Director, Johnson Fry Securities Ltd, London

"Not only is he informative and entertaining, but he is a very motivating individual and leaves me recharged and invigorated for the next 6 months."
Tim Gallon, Dean Murphy & Associates

"Frank's persona has brought the whole process of business psychology, sales techniques and team building alive."
Jim Rees, AMASS, Middle East

"I would highly recommend him to any organisation that wants to bring a higher degree of professionalism and quality to their company."
Martin Young, Chief Executive Officer, Meyado International, Europe

"Thank you for your excellent presentation at our recent sales convention. I know the team found the afternoon both entertaining and enlightening and it was great to conclude the conference on such a motivational note."
Jim Marples, Director Sales & Marketing, Hansard International, Isle of Man.